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Installation Manual

Five Easy Steps


Attach this fitting to a cold water source


Attach garden hose to side of tank (75 GPD Large Capacity Systems attach to the top)


Run 1/4 hose to floor drain, sink or drain trap


Turn on water supply to system


Allow 48 hours to fill over halfway then plug in and use

Hose Instructions

1- Do not stretch or expand this hose when empty. Hose will expand when filled with water.

2- When the hose is fully expanded, the hose is ready for use. Turn the on/off valve on.

3- When finished, unplug unit and drain hose until the hose shrinks to its original size. 

Attention: Always drain hose when not in use.

Use & Care Guide

  • Always unplug electric when system isn’t being used.
  • If water tank empties unplug electric immediately.
  • System produces a gallon of rinse water approximately every several hours. System will produce more or less depending on system size & water (temperature, pressure & TDS).
  • Don’t allow system to freeze or damage can occur.
  • Replace GS-210SED/5 well water prefilter or K2540JJ city water prefilter every 6 months or more often if needed. 

Limited Warranty
Spot Free Water Systems warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. Any faulty part will be replaced at no charge within 1 year of date of purchase. Warranty doesn’t cover system abuse or service neglect. Membrane warranty is void if water hardness is greater than 170ppm.

Troubleshooting Guide

Problem – The system takes several days to fill the tank


  1. Replace GS-210SED/5 or K2540JJ pre filter.
  2. Check inlet water pressure. Should be above 40 psi.
  3. Replace semi permeable membrane.
  4. Test inlet water TDS. If above 700 ppm add booster pump.


Problem – After rinsing I’m still seeing spots


  1. Check inlet water pressure. Should be above 40 psi.
  2. Replace semi permeable membrane.
  3. Make sure soap gets rinsed off before car dries. 


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